Welcome to the Academy !


What makes us different ? First, we are kinky gay and bisexual men, not a group of developers or an Internet marketing company. Real members of the Queer Kink community. As such, this site has been developed without spacing for ads and promotions. We aren't interested in selling you goods or services from an outside source for the sake of making a buck. We are in the process of making sure the things you may want or need to fully enjoy the practices we explore available to our members, but only quality products at a good price. Until that time, feel free to share with us and the community product information you feel are worth mentioning, be that good or bad and why. As for connections, we are not a hook up site. Our goal isn’t to get you laid, is to get to you educated so you can find, develop, and maintain a healthy kink relationship. We do encourage interactions between our members because let's face it, if we could do all this alone we wouldn't be here.





No Stance is a Stance

There are issues that are the focus of many websites and real time companies and agencies. We are not the sex police, and there are no Sex Crimes (thank you Annie Lennox) The issues of PNP and Safe Sex are not addressed in our profile section, nor are they singled out as fetishes of kinks. It is out position that while community education is important, it is not our area. We neither condone nor admonish anyone’s personal decisions in these matters. If you need further information on these or other concerns, please contact your local service agency, or if none is available, a member of the staff here would attempt to offer any suggestion they can find.





Play Ball


We are here to educate the community how to have a hot kinky experience / life in the right way. Kink involves many levels; mental, physical, emotional, etc. Our focus is primarily technical, teaching techniques from basic to advanced. However, within the site you will find information and tools for making the best experience on all levels.




Master Stone,    Dean, Kink E Academy